How can I pay? 

Payment can be made through the following: 

  1. Credit Card
  2. Instant EFT 
  3. Regular EFT
  4. Cash Deposit

How does paying in US Dollars work? 

Each morning the exchange rate will be calculated and our prices will reflect the current rand value. If the Rand gets stronger the price gets cheaper, if the Rand gets weaker the price increases. 

Can i pay in instalments? 

Yes, the option to pay via instalments. 25% of the total package price will need to be paid on 15 August 2017. From there you will be billed 25% monthly for the next three months. The price billed will be calculated according to your package choice. Your bill will be sent to you according to exchange rate on date of payment. 

What does per person sharing mean?

Per person sharing refers to the price per person sharing a room with another person. For example a Junior Suite Rate is $1500.00 per person sharing which = $1500.00 + $1500.00 = Total Fee $3000.00

Can I buy a ticket as an individual? 

Yes you can but the additional charge will be the same as the per person sharing rate. We suggest travelling with another person. 

Do I need a visa to travel to Mauritius? 

The prerequisite for entering Mauritius is a valid passport. At this stage South African passport holders do not require a visa for travel to Mauritius, only a valid passport. If you are not a South African citizen please make sure of your visa requirements with your local authority. 

What is the refund policy? 

Refund policy as per the terms and conditions when purchasing your ticket. 

Can i transfer my ticket? 

Yes. There will be a cut off date for ticket transfers. An additional fee may apply. All transfers will need to take place directly with POP BOTTLES Entertainment. 

Can I attend the event if i am not staying at LUX* Belle Mare? 

No, only guests who have purchased a package through POP BOTTLES may attend the events.

Money came off my credit card but I did not receive a ticket confirmation? 

Don’t panic! Your tickets are secure and reserved for you. If we have not already handled this for you then please email info@nutickets.co.za and we will sort it out for you. 

What does my all-inclusive supplement include? 

Please click this link for all-inclusive supplement details. A more detailed list will be provided upon booking. 

Is there an age limit? 

No under 18’s will be allowed to purchase packages.